Challenger 300 Series Kit

Challenger 300 Series Kit



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Most Challenger 300 series aircraft leave the factory with our High Security Medeco Locks. If not, this is the direct replacement we sell to the factory.


1ea Cabin Door Lock (AS51A00S)
1ea Baggage Door Lock (AS559L2S)
1ea Radome Lock (AS51C3S)
6ea Lav Waste Service Pnl (AS51J00S)
1ea Outflow Panel (AS51J12S)
1ea Refuel/Defuel Contol Pnl (AS51H28S)
1ea Med Switch Panel (AS51A12SPS)
1ea O2 Fill/Indicator Pnl (AS55V302S)
1ea Comm Panel (AS55V3CS)
1ea Gnd Air Svc Panel (AS55V3GS)
+ 4 Keys to match 

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.