Aircraft Security started in 1981 by selling high security replacement door locks for single engine aircraft. Today, we design, manufacture and deliver best in class Medeco locking systems for all major aircraft platforms that are currently being manufactured. We work closely with the key teams in aviation as well as regulatory agencies to understand and deliver aviation security solutions to the highest standards and work diligently to make sure your aircraft are as secure as possible.

Aircraft Security is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for eleven different aircraft manufacturers and over twenty different models. Additionally, we are offered as options with six different manufacturers on more than ten models. Our range of lock systems and keys are among the most diverse in the industry.

the gold standard.

Unmatched Protection for Aircraft Doors and Panels

  • AC power lock
  • Aft compartment lock
  • Aft equipment door lock
  • Aft lavatory lock
  • Aft water panel lock
  • APU panel lock
  • Avionics panel lock
  • Baggage door lock
  • Cabin door lock
  • Comm panel lock
  • Door lock
  • Fill/indicator panel lock
  • Forward service door lock
  • Fuel control lock
  • Fuel door lock
  • Grid service lock
  • Hyd panel lock
  • Latch lock
  • lavatory panel lock
  • Main entry door lock
  • Outflow value panel lock
  • Panel lock
  • Radome lock
  • Refuel/defuel panel lock
  • Switch panel lock
  • Water/O2 panel lock

Aircraft Security can also work with you to custom design a lock system that is perfect for your needs and aircraft configuration. Our expertise and insight from over 50 years of service to the aviation industry can help you understand the needs and requirements for today’s aircraft and provide you with a solution that meets your specific needs. 

Whether you manage a fleet of commercial or cargo aircraft, a smaller corporate fleet or a private plane, Aircraft Security has what you need to get you and keep you in the air.