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Common Questions

Yes, most of the original locks installed on aircraft originally had 2 flats. Our locks all have 1 flat and require you to use an aluminum file to round out one of the flats one you have orientated the lock how you want.

Please follow the installation instructions provided in your shipment. If they are missing, please create a service ticket here.

This is normal. The length of the lock can differ based on the offset of the cam. If you believe you have the wrong parts please click here to create a ticket and send pictures of the original lock, new lock, and the panel/door the lock goes into.

A Keycode is an alpha-numeric code that is unique to your aircraft. This code is used to decipher the bidding of your lock and allows us to make spare keys without the need of a sample key. 

We advise you not to share your keycode with others, but we will only ship keys to registered addresses for security purposes. 


Keycodes look like: 

Yes this is possible but there are some aircraft that are not in the correct keyway and require replacing the locks. Please create a ticket here and provide the following information:

Current Keycode:
Tail Numbers(s):
Current Aircraft Make(s):
Current Aircraft Model(s):

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