Gulfstream Medeco Lock Determination

Gulfstream Medeco Lock Determination



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There are several versions of Lock Sets for Gulfstream. Please review the information below before ordering for a G4 / G5 or G450 / G550. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (214) 956-9563 or

1. Do the locks need to be keyed to match an existing key code or a new random key code? If it is to a new key code then go to item 3.

2. If it is to an existing key code AND the key code is an older, longer key, please contact us at (214) 956-9563.

3. If the a/c is the later style, where the skin of the a/c panels has a .10 recess from the outside, AND it is to a new random code OR a newer style short key code,  then you can order the ASG450M-15S for the G4/5 or G450, or the ASG550M-15S for the G550.