Hawker 800 Replacement MED Shell (25-7FC1067)

Hawker 800 Replacement MED Shell (25-7FC1067)

ASH8SH (25-7FC1067)


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Aircraft Security is the manufacture/supplier of the Medeco lock for the Hawkers, including the main entrance door (MED) lock. Over the years, we have had numerous customers replace the MED lock because it frequently sticks or the key will not come out in both positions.

The problem arises when the lock side bar will not disengage from the slots in the shell, this is required for the key to turn or to be removed. This is due to the design in the Beech liner. The original Beech liner was made with slots for the lock sidebar by simply cutting down the middle of the liner to allow the lock sidebar to extend out. The problem with this is that the lock sidebar is a triangle shaped bar and the liner with a slot cut through the shell, does not match the sidebar, so it does not always allow the sidebar to release.

Aircraft Security now has a PMA approved replacement shell (liner) that solves this problem, the AS25-7FC1067. This new shell instead has the same broached sidebar grooves that all of our other Medeco locks we manufacture has, allowing the MED lock sidebar to release as well as the other locks on the aircraft. If you are having problems with the MED lock, we suggest you try the replacement shell.