Falcon 2000 Medeco Basic Lockset (11 Locks)

Falcon 2000 Medeco Basic Lockset (11 Locks)



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This is a basic lockset for all Falcon 2000 series aircraft and includes the following: 

1ea AS9CD - Cabin Door
1ea AS9RD - Radome Lock
1ea AS9BD - Baggage Door Lock 
1ea AS9RSD - Rear Service Door Lock 
1ea AS9FSD - Forward Service Door Lock
1ea AS2PFC - Pressure Fuel Control Lock
1ea AS2RFP - Pressure Refuel Door Lock
1ea AS2LAV - Toilet Drain door Lock
1ea AS2EAS - External Air Start Lock
1ea AS2VDC - 28VDC Panel Lock
1ea AS2PWP - Potable Water Panel Lock
+ 4 Keys to match 

If you need more locks you can order them individually HERE or you need the basic lock set, please order HERE.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.